As the name suggest this is a combination class that uses the primary aspects of a Jazz class and a tap class. This class focuses on age groups 6-8. In this class a student will works more heavily on their flexibility, balance and rhythm. Tap/Jazz combo is split into two sections; the first half of the class is focused on jazz technique, the second one tap technique. Here a student will learn some self expression, as well as rhythm, and memory retention of steps and choreography.


Primary is an excellent stepping stone for young dancers. This class focuses on age group 3-5. In Primary our students will learn to hone in on their balance as well as learning how to follow the instructions and movements of their teacher. The class is split into 2 30-minutesections; the first is basic ballet technique and flexibility, the second is rhythm and memorization with simple tap technique.



Our ballet classes are taught using the Vaganova Method. Our ballet teachers each have decades long experience. A ballet class typically consists of a barre wam-up, where students hone in on their technique skills aided by a stationary ballet barre. This can be followed by an "Across the floor" sequence which may consist of simple sequences of steps, individual steps, leaps and turns. Lastly we have a center sequence where student practice their memory retention skills by doing longer sequences of steps in the center of the classroom. 

Ballet is the basis of most technique based classes and is highly recommended to aid in with a student's balance, ankle and leg strength.


Lyrical is a combination of light tumbling, ballet technique, jazz technique, as well as some modern styles of dance. In a lyrical class the students will explore their ability to interpret a songs mood as well as feel. In a lyrical class a student will work on their flexibility, light tumbling (cartwheels, toe ups, etc), their balance, as well as turning in different ways from traditional jazz/ballet turns.

Lyrical class is the prefect opportunity for a student to learn self expression, as there may be times where they are allowed to improvise their own choreography as well as interpret their music in their own unique way.



Tap is a rhythm class, where a student will use their feet and sometimes hands to create different rethink to a piece of music, and often times to no music at all. This class will challenge a student's memory as well as coordination. In a tap class, a student will typically do a group warm up followed by learning new sequenced steps. The instructors in this class take their time with each student to ensure they are picking up the rhythms and sounds correctly thus ensuring that the whole group will create a cohesive rhythm piece when performed as choreography.


Jazz is an up-beat technical class that focuses heavily on proper technique. Technique in this class is heavily influenced on ballet technique. However, jazz is a hard hitting up-tempo class where a student can work on their flexibility and balance. In a jazz class a student will typically do a group warm up, followed by an "across the floor" sequence with simple steps, leaps, and turns. Typically this class may end with a short choreography led by the instructor where the students can learn how to put together the individual technical aspect of the class into one seamless dance.



Pointe dancing is a higher level style of ballet where a dancer will work fully "en pointe" meaning they will be dancing up on their toes using pointe shoes. These classes focus more heavily on a dancer's technique as well as balance. Because a student requires a certain amount of basic training before being able to safely dance "en pointe" no new students may join this class without the instructors approval.




Hip Hop is a self expression class. Here students can explore their own personality, and self expression. This class is led by an instructor who guides the group through a warm up, there may be some break dancing from time to time. However, hip hop is all about picking up and retaining choreography, our instructors challenge each students memory, and individuality with new intricate choreographies almost every week.