"Love Dance Spot and the fabulous staff... Our daughter has been going their for a year and a half..  She has grown so much and loves dance.  The staff is very supportive and caring and makes you feel welcome.  Great place to dance for all ages and very affordable.... THANK YOU DANCE SPOT... you are awesome..."

-Holly O.

"My daughter, LOVES The Dance Spot. She's been dancing here since she was 4 and is now 9. She dances several days a week and is always happy at the studio. The instructors and staff are the best and the overall feeling from the studio is supportive and professional. Very motivating and respectful group of girls!"

-Andria F.


Dance 9-Tap-Jazz Combo-36.jpg

"My daughter has been there for over a year and just loves it.  The staff is super nice & we felt very welcomed since the first day we walked in for information.  Instructors very talented & focus on improving the students technique to make it better and eventually perfect.  Motivation from instructors a big plus.  They offer variety of classes & the end of year recital is awesome.   Also, they offer a free try out class for new students."

-Liz L.


"The Dance Spot is by far the perfect mix of competition and learning. The staff is amazing and all the families involved are awesome. I highly recommend this studio to beginners and competition dancers. Great with kids and the prices are right.  Check it out today!"

-Craig C.

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"My daughter's been dancing here for five years and she absolutely loves it. The instructors are both nurturing and firm; the students are able to perfect their technique while also having a lot of fun. The Dance Spot has increased my child's confidence ten-fold and for that I'm incredibly grateful. Check out a free trial class before deciding but I'm sure you won't want to go anywhere else."

-Carlenne L.